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Company News >> LGD Lu Xiangde: OLED is the strategic direction 14th,August,2018
                                           With the saturation of the color TV industry dominated by liquid crystal displays worldwide, the growth rate of shipments of large-size LCD panels has also slowed down. Lv Xiangde, LG Display OLED business minister, said in an interview with Sina Technology: "Enterprises must look forward to new breakthroughs through continuous innovation and take precautions in the long run. Our company believes that OLED is the next-generation strategic direction and has begun to focus on promoting OLED business. ”

Unlike LCD TVs, OLEDs do not require a backlight and each pixel can self-illuminate independently. Based on this, OLED organic TV can present the purest black, and this can also bring about an increase in picture contrast, which is more suitable for the popular technology HDR.

In the view of President Lu Xiangde, in addition to the advantages of color and wide viewing angle, which have the best image quality, OLED has more potential. Because there is no backlight, the OLED has a simple structure and can be presented in various forms such as wallpaper form, double-sided, curled, transparent, folded, and wearable.

Lu Xiangde said that although quantum dots have been rated as the best product in LCD, compared with the technical advantages of OLED, there is still no substantial change in the limitations of LCD TVs such as brightness, response speed, and design freedom.

However, the OLED panel has drawbacks such as residual image, short life span, and tendency to color.

Lu Xiangde said that for the time being, the lifetime of OLED products has reached 50,000 hours. For household use, it can be used for 17 years every day for 8 hours. The problem of afterimage is the scar that will remain after playing the fixed screen for a long time. This problem does not occur in home use.

At present, LG is making technical optimizations for the problem of screen color reproduction. In the future, LG Display will strengthen its strategic direction and focus on promoting the OLED business.

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