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Company News >> Zhongying Electronics AMOLED driver chip this year or mass production 22th,April,2019
                                             Recently, Zhongying Electronics accepted investors' research and said that the company's products are self-developed and the R&D technology is solid. In the past one or two years, the company's main growth opportunities came from motors, lithium battery management chips and home appliance control chips.

In 2017, Xinying Technology expanded its R&D team. In 2018, the investment in AMOLED research and development increased, mainly due to the high cost of AMOLED display driver chip mask. There are at least four companies that do AMOLED driver chips in China, mainly in the research and development stage.

Subsidiary Xinying Technology, in the first quarter of 2018, sent samples to customers to verify a FHD AMOLED display driver chip. It has passed functional verification and is undergoing reliability verification. This year, it has the opportunity to enter mass production. product. The technical strength of Xinying Technology in AMOLED display driver chip is gradually recognized by domestic panel manufacturers, and it has also entered the 40nm high-tech area with low power consumption in synchronization with international first-class chip companies. Xinying Technology has laid a solid technology. Foundation, have the confidence to seize the opportunity of the outbreak of China's AMOLED industry.

Zhongying Electronics has business contacts or contacts with many domestic panel manufacturers. The new products are not for a single customer. They will cooperate with the panel factory to improve the yield and wait for the release of the domestic AMOLED screen factory capacity. The products are mainly used in mobile phones and wearable products, and the main competitors are from overseas.

Zhongying Electronics' customers are mainly domestic panel factories, which can be close to customers. The state attaches great importance to this industry chain and will have support in policy. In the past one or two years, it is still the initial period and construction period of the domestic AMOLED industry. In the next few years, more capacity will be released gradually, and the company will continue to invest in research and development.

In terms of lithium battery chip application, Zhongying Electronics' sales increase in 2017 mainly comes from the lithium battery metering chip used in mobile phones and the lithium battery protection chip market for electric bicycles and power tools. The company's lithium battery management chip has completed the trial production of the first-line brand notebook computer supply chain, and will follow the small-scale production. Since 2018, there has been an opportunity to increase the relevant income contribution. The product has high cost performance. The company has the ability to provide customers with high quality service and cost competitiveness. The future product sales are expected to be a gradual growth process. The national policy actively supports the localization of chips and gradually realizes import substitution.

In terms of home appliance chips, Zhongying Electronics said that the control chip of the company's inverter air conditioner has been trial-produced by customers. Currently, it is a dual-core, which can be used in the main control and motor control of air conditioners, providing customers with more applications. With a lot of convenience, the new 32-bit kernel product is still under development. The company continued to promote the inverter air conditioner control chip.

Zhongying Electronics is a leading enterprise in the field of integrated circuit chips and domestically controlled home appliance single chip. The national policy actively supports the localization of chips. The willingness of customers to cooperate with national policies to adopt domestic chips is likely to increase. Our customers not only produce Quality is guaranteed and products are more competitive.

Zhongying Electronics adopts Fabless operation mode, focuses on IC design and sales business, and outsources chip manufacturing and packaging testing processes, which helps the company to improve IC design level, reduce product production costs and expand market share.

The advantage of this model is that the investment scale is much smaller than IDM. Only the R&D team and the construction test laboratory need to be organized, no need to purchase expensive production plants and equipment. 2. The quality of the team is high, and IC design is the front-end link of the IC industry. High technical content, strong innovation ability of enterprises, need to configure high-quality personnel team; 3, high market sensitivity, Fabless manufacturers pay more attention to changes in market product demand, can quickly respond to market demand, and launch new products suitable for market development.

Zhongying Electronics can focus resources on technological innovation and develop high-end added value by developing industry-leading technologies and designing IC chips with independent intellectual property rights and differentiated from other products in the market.

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