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Company News >> Collapsible mobile display market Global technology companies compete on the same stage 23th,April,2019
                                        The seven-year patent dispute between smartphone giant Samsung Electronics and Apple has aroused people's attention to intellectual property rights, and the “collapsible smartphone” initiated by Samsung is becoming a popular trend; it is reported that the Samsung Galaxy Fold folding screen mobile phone will be Listed in the US on April 26.

But since the dispute between Samsung and Apple, the global smartphone market is no longer monopolized by them. Many technology companies around the world are competing to launch their own foldable display technology and.

After a long-term legal battle with Apple for allegedly violating some iPhone patents, Samsung decided to fully consolidate its position as a “first mover” in the emerging device market.

The basic feature of the 7.3-inch Galaxy Fold is its inwardly folded display, including a flexible OLED display called Dynamic AMOLED (composited by a plastic outer layer, a special composite polymer and a ductile adhesive). Three hinges are used to maintain the position of the display while preventing it from bending backwards. So far, Samsung has not disclosed the specific specifications of this patented technology.

A Samsung official said: "In order to eliminate all possibilities related to the Galaxy Fold patent dispute, the company has made everything in terms of new technology, especially in the hinge mechanism, display materials and user interface software." Samsung will definitely pass These key technology patents are the first in the new mobile device market, and its American rival, Apple, has joined the foldable display.

However, its unparalleled status means that Samsung has to bear many of the risks that must be faced as a pioneer. Just a few days ago, some American commentators and technology reporters reported that Samsung's high-quality new products had screen defects, and then its share price fell by nearly 3%. Samsung subsequently said that it will thoroughly investigate the cause of each prototype failure, but will continue to promote the launch of the product in the US market on April 26.

Analysts have witnessed the possible risks of the foldable mobile phone patent champion, and on the other hand began to pay attention to Apple's next move.

While remaining silent, Apple updated its patent for collapsible display technology in early February, just before the Galaxy Unpacked event. The US technology news media, including CNET, believes that this move indicates that Apple has fully mastered the relevant technology, but due to certain uncertainties, Apple does not want to rush.

These unveiled patent drawings show that Apple's new foldable phone measures 7.2 inches - 0.1 inches smaller than the Samsung Galaxy Fold and folds vertically inward and outward.

As the technology and marketing roadmaps of the two technology giants are being developed, more competitors around the world have begun to show their respective patent strategies in this new market.

Earlier this month, it was reported that the US Patent and Trademark Office recently approved a patent application for a transparent collapsible smartphone submitted by LG Electronics. LG Electronics has introduced a dual-screen smartphone that uses a different business method than the Samsung collapsible phone.

At the same time, Chinese technology companies are also vigorously developing their own folding technology. Huawei recently announced that it will launch the foldable mobile phone Mate X in July this year. Xiaomi has also announced that it will launch Mi Fold, a folding screen mobile phone.

Lenovo also attracted global attention with its unique multi-folding point design. Thanks to its special dovetail hinge design, the phone may not be fully symmetrical and the main display is always in a panoramic position.

In addition, some niche market observers even focused on FlexPai, the world's first folding screen phone developed and patented by Shenzhen Rouyu Technology. Despite limited market utilization, FlexPai won the 2019 Red Dot Product Design Award and is known for its groundbreaking role in the foldable display patent competition.

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