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Company News >> Sharp set up OLED panel division 25th,April,2019
                                            Nikki Industrial News reported on the 22nd that Sharp, which has invested in Hon Hai, has set up a special organization for OLED panels. The specialized organization consists of more than 400 R&D, design and production technicians, and the scale of personnel is the same as revenue. The 50 billion yen camera parts division aims to develop OLED panels to resemble the core products of camera parts. Sharp's camera parts are being supplied to Apple's iPhone.

Sharp said in the final report of the April-April 2018 fiscal year that the OLED panel was mass-produced in June and will be installed on the Sharp mobile phone that was launched between October and December. In the future, Sharp will continue to expand its scale on small and medium-sized OLED panels for mobile phones.

Sharp mobilized some of the personnel from the solar cell business unit and summarized it into the OLED panel division. The size of the OLED panel division will be comparable to that of the camera components division. The camera component business, within Sharp, is an important division with annual revenues of 250 billion yen ($2.3 billion). The products are used by Apple's iPhone and have good prospects in the future. It can be seen that Sharp is expecting a high level for the newly established OLED panel division.

According to reports, Sharp has set up mass production equipment for OLED panels at its bases, and plans to mass-produce OLED panels for its own smartphones this fall. In addition to smartphones, Sharp is also groping. The OLED panel is used in the PC business (Sharp will acquire the Toshiba PC business in October), medical displays, etc., and is also planned to be used by other companies' smartphones.

Sharp announced today that it will purchase 80.1% of the Toshiba computer division for 4 billion yen ($36 million) on October 1. Therefore, the original Dynabook, DynaPad and other products of Toshiba Computer Division may use Sharp OLED panels.

According to the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Sharp has developed a small and medium-sized OLED panel with fine image quality and bendability. It does not lose the mainstream Samsung Display products, and has a global market and existing manufacturers. The strength of competition. In the future, Sharp OLED panels may even get orders for panels from Apple or other well-known mobile phone manufacturers.

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