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Company News >> OLED panel business opportunities are optimistic, Taiwan-based driver IC can only watch lively 28th,April,2019
                                               In the face of the global OLED panel market demand prospects, the new 3C products seem to be eager to introduce design trends, so that the global panel factory will invariably target the OLED panel production line, launch the necessary investment and expansion, just this time in the world The OLED panel market is almost dominated by Samsung Electronics (SAMSUNG), and the expansion plans for OLED panel capacity by the onshore panel factory are even more “great”. Taiwanese LCD driver IC suppliers still have the competition for upstream wafer foundry capacity support. Force, but in the face of home advantage has actually been handed down, Taiwan's first-line LCD driver IC manufacturers bluntly, the Taiwanese system can eat the global OLED driver IC market pie, I am afraid it will shrink a lot than the TFT technology generation.

The Taiwanese wafer foundry revealed that the OLED driver IC solutions of Lianhe and Qijing were already in operation as early as 2015, and the progress of product certification was mostly completed. Finally, it was to see when the Korean OLED panel makers placed orders. However, the two major LCD driver IC suppliers have never taken the film to the foundry, and it is understood that the card is in the Korean OLED panel factory originally had to outsource the driver IC solution procurement strategy, in the first half of 2016 A 180 degree reversal occurred. In the Korean OLED panel business division trader at the end of 2015, suddenly decided to adopt a self-produced self-sales and more closed procurement strategy, Lianyi, Qijing, this mobile phone OLED panel driver IC product line It can only be forced to suspend operation.

Since the Korean OLED panel factory currently has a global market share of more than 90%, Taiwan's LCD driver IC suppliers can only wait patiently for the slow production capacity of OLED panels in Japan, Taiwan and the mainland, although the relevant driver IC solutions are not intended to be outsourced. Slowly open the opportunity. But this time, the mainland IC design industry also pointed out that to join the global OLED driver IC market competition, the future competitive advantage of the TFT technology generation in the past, the United States, Wonderland, Philip, Duntai and Scorpio Forced to make people. Especially in the OLED driver IC solution must match the customer's unique process characteristics, especially under the chip with a higher degree of customization, whether the OLED panel factory customers are willing to vigorously compare, will be the final order direction.

Taiwan's LCD driver IC supplier pointed out that in the face of the wave of OLED panels replacing the TFT panel in the smart phone panel market, how to seize this wave of alternate business opportunities has become an important part of the Taiwanese LCD driver IC design industry. Target; however, the Korean OLED panel industry is still dominated by short-term strategy and closed strategy. The OLED panel production line of Taiwan and mainland panel manufacturers has not yet successfully opened capacity. The Japanese OLED panel factory production line has been Apple. An exclusive, short-term TFT driver IC reduction, and the OLED driver IC new singles have not seen the painful period, will test the layout strength of Lianyi, Qijing, Lili, Duntai and Tianyi in the diversified development of their own product lines. .

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