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Company News >> The market share of OLED panels under the screen of the mobile phone market remains high. 5th,May,2019
                                      A ccording to industry sources, the popularity of OLED panels equipped with off-screen fingerprint sensors will continue to soar in 2019 due to the decline in sensor prices and the price gap between OLEDs and LTPS LCD panels.
And with mobile phone manufacturers including Samsung Electronics, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo, the application of the fingerprint sensing technology from the high-end smart phone to the mid-end mobile phone product, the OLED panel equipped with the screen fingerprint sensor The market size has grown significantly.
Suppliers, including Synaptics and Goodix Technology, launched an optical fingerprint sensing solution in 2018 that is more competitively priced and comes with a mainstream full-screen display design for smartphones, dramatically reducing under-screen fingerprints The overall price of sensor chips has further contributed to the popularity of this technology.
At the same time, Samsung Display, the current largest supplier of rigid OLED panels, has implemented a strategy to reduce the price gap between rigid OLEDs and LTPS LCD panels, thereby further increasing production and sales.
According to sources, the price gap between rigid OLED and LTPS LCD panels has recently dropped to less than $5 per unit; while the decline in OLED panel prices and more affordable off-screen fingerprint sensors will further reduce sales of LTPS LCD panels in 2019. amount.
According to AVC Revi, the total number of LTPS LCD panels shipped to the mobile phone industry is expected to decrease by 30 million by 2019. At the same time, shipments of smartphones in the Chinese market are expected to reach approximately 98 million units in the first quarter of 2019, and will rebound to more than 100 million units in the second quarter.

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