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Company News >> Sumitomo Chemical plans to invest $165 million to expand 40% of OLED touch panels 7th,May,2019
                                       According to the Nikkei Asia Review, Sumitomo Chemical plans to invest 20 billion yen (about 165 million US dollars) to expand the production capacity of the Pyeongtaek factory's OLED touch panel by 40%. It is reported that the new production line can produce glass substrate touch panels as well as flexible display panels for plastic substrates.

Specifically, Sumitomo Chemical's current annual production capacity is approximately 200 million OLED display touch panels, mainly for Samsung Display. Sumitomo Chemical expects to quickly open the OLED market and prepare for the growing demand for OLED touch panels.

In addition to the touch panel business, Sumitomo Chemical is also a leading developer of P-OLED. In January 2015, Sumitomo Chemical and General Display Corporation signed an OLED technology licensing agreement to obtain license rights for OLED lighting products handled by Universal Display's authorized production and sales solutions. Sumitomo Chemical also announced a non-exclusive partnership with Kateeva to pair its P-OLED materials to Kateeva's OLED inkjet printing platform.

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Skype: cassie_1191 2850818618