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Company News >> Huike Mianyang 8.6-generation TFT-LCD project base has seen a prototype. BOE and Huike form a two-wheel drive 29th,May,2019
                                            The Huike Mianyang 8.6-generation TFT-LCD project is expected to be capped on May 30. This project is one of the large-scale projects and good projects that Mianyang City has introduced in recent years, which is related to the long-term development of Mianyang. It will promote the project to be put into production as soon as possible, and will increase the capacity for sustainable development and attract more enterprises to invest in the industry. It is very important to roll forward a good momentum.

It is reported that up to now, the concrete pouring of the three-story floor of the main plant has been completed 65%. It is expected that the three-layer floor will be completely poured on May 31; the 3-4 floor will be erected, the formwork, the lashing reinforcement, and the four-layer floor casting will be completed. 15%; 4 layers to the roof of the roof layer are being set up; the concrete floor of the 5th floor of the R&D building is completed, and 5 floors to the roof layer are being built. It is expected to be capped on May 30th.

On April 18, 2018, Mianyang Municipal Government and Huike Co., Ltd. signed a project cooperation agreement in Chengdu. Huike's 8.6th generation thin film transistor liquid crystal display device production line project officially settled in Mianyang. The project has a total investment of 24 billion yuan and covers an area of ​​about 1,000 acres.

It is understood that after the commissioning of the 8.6th generation thin film transistor liquid crystal display device production line project, it is expected to achieve an annual output value of 15 billion yuan and an annual tax of 1 billion yuan. The project mainly produces IPS LCD panels. The products are suitable for small-size markets such as mobile phones, smart wearables, and vehicles. They are also suitable for large-size markets such as curved borderless LCD TVs, which will further fill the gap in the demand for small and medium size and large size display. Improve the self-sufficiency rate of domestic LCD screens.

In addition, around the introduction of the two leading projects of BOE and Huike, we can build a flexible OLED and rigid LCD panel industry cluster to form a “one soft and one” dual-wheel drive effect, in order to accelerate the construction of China Science and Technology City and the modernization of the west. The strong city has laid a more solid industrial foundation.

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