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Company News >> Samsung OLED JDI or push flexible LCD panel 19th,June,2019
                                    According to Japanese media reports, small and medium-sized panel giant Japan Display Inc (JDI) plans to launch flexible LCD panel products in the middle and late 2017. In the small-sized and flexible panel part, South Korea's Samsung Electronics has launched OLED products, but the flexible LCD panel products developed by JDI have higher precision and lower cost than OLED.

JDI or launch flexible LCD panel

The report pointed out that compared to the OLED panel, there is no need for a backlight module, so it is easier to bend. Since the liquid crystal panel adopts multiple structures in which a plurality of materials such as a backlight module and a filter are overlapped, it is necessary to have high technical ability to bend, and JDI is currently developing a test piece, and the Chinese smartphone factory has expressed great interest.

JDI said last year that it plans to introduce a flexible LCD panel in 2019. If the above-mentioned report of the Yomiuri Shimbun comes true, JDI's flexible LCD panel products will be available in advance. JDI disclosed the research and development blueprint of FULL ACTIVE panel technology in the financial report released on November 9 last year, saying that it will cooperate with a number of LCD panel supply chains to develop four-sided borderless (ultra-narrow bezel) technology in 2017, 2018 Achieve thin, low power consumption, flexible design in 2019.

According to JDI, the flexible FULL ACTIVE panel can be up to 800 ppi compared to the flexible OLED panel with a pixel density of about 400 ppi, and the flexible FULL ACTIVE will be comparable to the OLED in terms of thickness, frame design, etc. It will be superior to OLED in power saving performance, and its life and cost will be far superior to OLED.

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