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Company News >> Innolux: Three strategies to deal with trade wars and merger with AUO are conducive to competition 21th,June,2019
                                              Hon Hai's panel factory group held a shareholder meeting on the 20th. For the potential panel boom in the future, the minority shareholders suggested that it is better to merge with AUO, so that combining the resources of both parties can effectively improve efficiency and face Korea. The mainland panel factory competes.

The group's minority shareholders said that the panel competition is fierce. The company seems to have changed from a tiger to a cat and a sick cat. If the group merges with AUO and merges into one, it will be able to cooperate with South Korea's Samsung and resources. Continental panel factory competition.

In addition, the group's minority shareholders also demanded that treasury stocks should be implemented. In the face of the recent foreign investment in selling ultra-group stocks, Innolux should have weapons to defend itself, and foreign stocks must not sell stocks to sell, so that the stock price has been falling, so it is recommended. Raise 10% of the cash on the account and declare the company's determination to deal with the pressure from foreign capital.

Yang Zhuxiang, general manager of Innolux, said that in response to the Sino-US trade war, television sold to the United States is expected to expand production in Taiwan, but mainland and non-selling TVs are still being assembled at the Foshan plant in Guangzhou. He pointed out that Taiwan's TV assembly capacity is currently 60,000 units per month, and it is expected to increase significantly in the future. As long as the US customers have demand, the factory can operate immediately.

The group's chairman, Hong Jinyang, said that for Innolux, the TV assembly business is actually a module from the panel glass, and then TV, the one-stop production model is quite competitive. Last year, the total TV shipments were 1.8 million units, and the target for this year is 5 million to 6 million units.

Hong Jinyang said that the panel industry is fiercely competitive. The industry is now more than just seeing who can extend the gas. Seeing when it can run, there are shareholders who propose to merge with AUO, but Group Creative has the confidence to be able to escape on its own.

According to previous media reports, Hon Hai Group Chairman Guo Taiming and Shenzhen City jointly established China Shenchao Optoelectronics, and transferred the Huawei orders of its panel factory group to Shenzhen Chao. In response to the media questioning Shenchao Optoelectronics again, Hong Jinyang solemnly denied.

In this regard, Hong Jinyang said that Shenchao Optoelectronics and Innolux are only customer relationships, and there is no question of transferring the original customer to Shenchao and not shorting the company.

For the relationship between Innolux and Hon Hai, Wang Zhichao, the former chairman of QunChuang, stressed that the two companies are independent companies, both competing and cooperating, and everything must comply with the regulations of listed companies.

Innolux pointed out that the introduction of the 120-inch Mini LED TV is an example of Hon Hai's cooperation. Because the active Mini LED panel is a unique technology of Innolux, the 120-inch panel must be produced in Japan's 10th generation line, so The result of cooperation.

Wang Zhichao, director of Innovation Group of Hon Hai's panel factory group, said that everyone believes that the trade war situation is as serious as the financial tsunami. In fact, the total demand has not decreased, but the trade tariff barrier may indeed cause global consumption weakness, allowing consumers to turn to the middle. In the price product market, there are three strategies that can be adapted, including rebuilding Taiwan's supply chain competitiveness, smart manufacturing and increasing revenue and profit through the whole machine.

Wang Zhichao said that one of the three strategies to rebuild Taiwan's supply chain competitiveness is to start from the automation of modules, to build an unmanned factory, from production to testing, through automation, so that the problem of lack of work can be solved.

As for the smart manufacturing of the three strategies, Wang Zhichao said that the products of different customers are produced nearby. For example, mainland customers are producing in the mainland. In fact, intelligent manufacturing has a considerable foundation, including the factory in Foshan, except for module automation. There is also machine automation. Wang Zhichao emphasized that if smart manufacturing is successful, it can be cross-national and cross-disciplinary.

The third of the three strategies, Wang Zhichao said, is to strengthen the production capacity of the whole machine, especially in Taiwan, not only can improve revenue and profitability, but also be able to improve the operational capabilities of Innolux. Ingenuity planning, within three months, the TV set assembled in Taiwan can be shipped, and the current monthly production capacity is about 60,000 units, which can be increased to 200,000 units or higher. Innolux also analyzed that TV products were shipped from Taiwan to the United States, and shipping time was shorter than that from Southeast Asia.

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