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Company News >> In order to cut costs: LG mobile phone set out to take the BOE OLED screen 9th,July,2019
                                           In addition to Huawei's strong support for practical actions, BOE's OLED screen is expected to win new customers, LG Electronics. Korean media said that LG Electronics is negotiating with BOE to consider sourcing an OLED display panel for smartphones from the latter. It is reported that the above decision may be related to the cost reduction strategy of the LG Mobile Department responsible for human rights in the past year. Due to the successive losses of the department, LG Electronics also decided to move the production line to Vietnam.

In fact, LG mobile phones have not been a big customer of sister company LG Display. The share is only 30% at the highest level, and it has dropped to 20% in the first quarter of this year.

At the same time, in the big market, LG has lost to BOE and Tianma on the LCD mobile phone LCD panel. The OLED field is hard to stand firm. The two generations of iPhones can't see the rag screen, only the small list of Apple Watch. Quench thirst.

In addition, in order to make a profit, LG Electronics even began a radical inventory management policy, which even led to the shortage of V50 ThinQ.

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