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Company News >> The world's first multi-screen TV release: Hisense and BOE to create a liquid crystal display milestone 11th,July,2019
                                        On July 8, Hisense officially released the world's first star-studded multi-screen TV U9 in Beijing. Hisense's multi-screen TV with pixel-level light control makes the vast starry sky in the night clear and vivid.

"What is a multi-screen TV?" Hisense's multi-screen TV is a panel that controls light between the LCD TV panel and the backlight. The image processing algorithm controls the dual panel and backlight to achieve image darkness and fine color. An exponential increase in performance.

"Why do you want to make a multi-screen TV?" Hisense's pursuit of TV quality is consistent: the true restoration of the natural world. Both traditional LCD TVs and OLED TVs have certain advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we have chosen a multi-screen TV that combines the advantages of traditional LCD TVs and OLED displays. It will be the best choice for users to enjoy real images.

To this end, Hisense U9 opens a new generation of stacked TVs

"The core of the multi-screen is the "core"" The core of the multi-screen TV is not to have a layer of panels! The core technology is Hisense's unique overlay control algorithm. For the first time, the industry realizes efficient coordinated control of backlight layer, light control layer and image layer! Highlight color levels while dramatically increasing contrast.

""5-core" TV, take the "core"" Hisense multi-screen TV with 5 picture quality chips, 2 cores more than the average of 3 chips used in a TV industry! To do well, we must use the "core"!

Three breakthroughs in folding screen TV

The "Ultra High Contrast" static contrast ratio reaches 10? :1, and the multi-screen TV greatly expands the contrast range of traditional LCD TVs to achieve star-rated display.

"Enriched color gradation" overcomes the problem of insufficient display of LCD TV details. The TV has a wider color space and can accurately express the rich color gradation of nature.

The "wide viewing angle" multi-screen TV effectively solves the problem of light leakage in traditional LCD TVs, with a viewing angle of up to 178 degrees for full viewing angle.

"Feel the "heaviest" bass in the history of TV audio. It is equipped with the Black Pagoda subwoofer jointly developed by Hisense and Dolby. The Dolby DASS panoramic sound interpretation, the TV audio is made with the HIFI standard, and the 17Kg counterweight effectively avoids the high-power work of the subwoofer. It produces vibrations that affect the sound, and the inverted cabinet design delivers plenty of bass.

"ONE SURFACE integrated design, exquisite and exquisite" floating screen, two-color high-brightness oxidation frame; "Sword Ridge" speaker, light gold mesh cover, sound diffusion is more powerful; integrated base design, overall shape integrity is higher Feel the ultimate plastic art hidden in the living room.

"Not only do technology, but also build standards." As a pioneer of multi-screen TVs, Hisense will integrate industry resources, lead the development of multi-screen TV display standards, and promote the scale application and market penetration of multi-screen display solutions.

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