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Company News >> LGD Li Tinghan: OLEDs provide new value to China's color TV industry in crisis 17th,July,2019
                                         On July 10th, the 2019 International Exhibition Expo (UDE) was opened in Shanghai. On the first day of UDE's opening, Skyworth announced a price-cutting OLED TV campaign with 55-inch and 65-inch OLED TVs. On the first day of the move, another domestic color TV brand Hisense released the world's first multi-screen TV, which is essentially the superposition of two LCD screens, thereby greatly improving the key indicators such as color and contrast of the LCD screen. The picture effect is close to OLED. It is understood that the multi-screen TV is a Dual CELL dual-screen panel produced by BOE and Hisense.

The actions of the two companies seem to be in completely different directions. In fact, there is a common goal of finding a breakout in the dark moments of the color TV market. The display field in 2019 seems to have really reached a critical point. The whole industry is thinking about whether to continue to look for innovation on the LCD or enter the new track through OLED. As the only upstream company that can provide large-size OLED panels. The mass production of LG Display Guangzhou OLED panel line and its policy on OLED are very much concerned by the industry.

On UDE 2019, LG Display China marketing strategy consultant Li Tinghan did not disguise his confidence in OLED when interviewed by reporters. He is also very concerned about Dual CELL technology, but he believes that Dual CELL actually stacks two LCD panels together. The products used to improve the picture quality of LCDs are essentially based on LCDs. Therefore, there are still limitations in the structure of LCDs that require backlighting. In terms of black specifications, contrast, viewing angle and other parameter specifications and design freedom, There is still a fundamental difference from OLED.

LG Display China Marketing Strategy Consultant Li Tinghan Executive

At the UDE site, LG Display's OLED products show people's imagination for the future: for example, OLED double-sided wave display, which is seamlessly spliced ​​by multiple curved surfaces, and both sides are displayed on both sides. With the ultimate image quality experience and unprecedented presence; OLED wallpaper TV, only 2.57 mm thick, truly achieve the perfect integration with the wall; OLED screen spontaneous sound TV, no traditional external sound, but through the panel vibration Produces sound waves and has an audiovisual experience of sound and picture. These black technology products that truly subvert the traditional TV technology show the high-end value unique to OLED.

OLED double-sided wave display

According to Li Tinghan, LG Display is supplying 77-inch, 65-inch, 55-inch OLED panels to the Chinese market, and 8K is also in preparation. In addition to 8K, new concept TV products such as Rose and Curl are discussing the listing plan with the client company. "Of course, the specific plans for these differentiated products need to take into account market acceptance, our company's production capacity and customer company strategy. OLED has unlimited application space, and we will continue to introduce subversive TV products in the future."

OLED double-sided TV

According to Li Tinghan, the Guangzhou 8.5-generation OLED panel factory, the Guangzhou plant is progressing as planned, will be officially launched in the third quarter of this year.

According to reports, Guangzhou 8.5 generation OLED panel factory is the first OLED panel factory in China, and the second OLED panel factory in the world after South Korea. The plant has a monthly capacity of 60,000 pieces, and the South Korean factory has 70,000 pieces. After the mass production of the Guangzhou plant, the monthly production capacity of OLED TV panels in China and South Korea will increase to a total of 130,000 pieces. In 2018, the global OLED panel production capacity is about 2.9 million pieces. With the launch of the Guangzhou OLED panel factory in the third quarter of this year, the production capacity will climb to 4 million in 2019, 7 million in 2020, and more than 10 million in 2021. This will undoubtedly improve the OLED's promotion due to insufficient supply of panels.

The sales volume of China's OLED TV market is maintaining rapid growth every year. According to IHS forecast, China's OLED TV market will maintain 115.5% growth in 2019, becoming the only market in the world with OLED TV growth rate exceeding 100%. Aowei Cloud expects that China's OLED TV sales will reach 380,000 units in 2019, and it is expected to exceed 800,000 units for the first time by 2020.

From the data point of view, compared with the demand of the entire Chinese TV market, the sales of OLED TVs is still not very high. However, the Chinese market is highly accepting new products and new technologies. With the continuous expansion of the middle class population and the general trend of consumption upgrading, the demand for high-end products, especially OLED TVs, will break out in the future.

"OLED TV has already seized the global high-end TV market. In the future, China will become a key area for OLED TV sales. OLED will also provide new value to the Chinese color TV industry in crisis." Li Tinghan said.

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