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Company News >> “Waste Standardization” swept through Shanghai LED display industry standardization when it was implemented? 23th,July,2019
                                                  Recently, Shanghai first implemented the garbage classification policy. The Shanghai residents who have always been “stocking” management have shouted in the implementation of the matter, saying that it has not been able to distinguish dry and wet garbage until now. The implementation of waste sorting in Shanghai is only the beginning, and the waste sorting will also be implemented nationwide. There are relevant standards for throwing garbage, and the standardization of the LED display industry should also be put on the agenda. Product standardization can increase production efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure product quality. After more than 20 years of development in the LED display industry, the industry is still chaotic. With the industry shuffling, companies can formulate industry standards, promote standardized production in the industry, and promote the healthy development of the industry.

Why is LED display standardization so difficult?

First of all, the LED display industry is not yet mature. Different companies often cannot reach consensus on the selection, design and connection methods of LED displays. Each family has different understandings of standards and it is difficult to unify them;

Secondly, from the perspective of the engineering firm, the choice of the LED display screen is often based on the cognitive level and actual demand of the display screen, and the display screen passively forms different types and models of technical parameters;

Again, although the display has been developing for a long time, companies are still exploring, and there is a lack of guidance from the giants in the industry for standardization.

In addition, the manufacturer lacks copyright awareness, and the industry prosperes “takenism”. The product homogeneity is serious and it is impossible to unify the weights and measures.

Lack of unified "measures and measures", industry supervision is unfounded

With the birth of small-pitch technology, China's LED display technology has surpassed the world level and become a leading producer of LED displays with leading technology. Although the technology has already catch up, the industry standardization is far less than the traditional LED display production countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Therefore, the technology and product quality of the domestic LED display industry are uneven, which makes some enterprises organically Under the fierce price war, we still sell inferior products at low prices, undermine the operating rules of the industry, and push SMEs to the edge of business operations.

First of all, the lack of uniform standards, the quality of industry products is unfounded. In the product spot check work, from sampling to analysis and processing, product standards are required as a basis for work. Lack of product standards, quality supervision will be unfounded, product quality can not be supervised, resulting in inferior products in the industry.

Second, there is a lack of industry standards, and there is no “law” for corporate rights protection. Although the product standard can not be used as a trial basis, as a technical normative document of the industry, it can judge whether the product is inferior or not, and the enterprise can protect its own rights and interests according to the normative standard. The lack of product standards, the company's damaged rights and even no reference basis.

Third, product standards are missing, and information asymmetry causes the end user's interests to be impaired. There are many types of LED subdivision displays, so the merchants may not understand them. Therefore, it is not clear that the “pass” in the experience report does not mean that the products are really passing, and they are extra favored for low-cost and inferior “pass” products. However, due to the lack of industry standards and problems with inferior products, end users cannot be held accountable, resulting in damage to their own interests.

Fourth, the lack of product standards has led the industry to enter the price war phase. The price war in the industry has entered a white-hot stage. Because there is no uniform standard, some enterprises have made huge profits, stepping through the bottom line step by step, selling inferior products at ultra-low prices, further smashing the muddy water of price wars, and expanding the drawbacks of price wars, resulting in repeated product prices. Reduce, hurt the benign development of the industry.

There are rules to form a square, there are standards to be long-term

LED's conventional screen, after years of development, the industry technology is becoming more mature, the market demand is stable, as the mainstream market products of LED display, standardized design, standardized mass production, standardized sales will be the inevitable result.

First, product standardization can guarantee quality. Standardization must be subject to market acceptance and technical considerations, so every technology (brightness, high grayscale high scan, point-by-point correction, etc.), every production process, and every raw material become standard. It is conducive to promoting enterprises to improve quality, guarantee new technologies, ensure the unification of product quality, and promote the balanced development of the industry.

Second, product standardization can improve production efficiency. When the product is standardized, the company can realize large-scale mechanized production products, and can also accept large-volume orders at the same time. In the same time, mechanization can produce more products.

Third, product standardization can reduce costs. Once standardization is implemented, the production line of the enterprise can be upgraded to an assembly line to realize production automation, and one machine can be managed by one person on the production line to reduce labor costs. Moreover, large-volume production requires the purchase of large quantities of raw materials, large-volume purchases, more favorable prices, and material costs are greatly reduced. With the reduction of double costs, enterprises can invest more funds in research and development and promote the development of enterprises to a higher level.

There is no unified industry standard, which is one of the reasons why the LED display industry has not matured until today. At the beginning of standardization, companies will inevitably suffer, but in the long run, it will help promote the sustainable development of enterprises. At the time of industry reshuffle, companies with strong capital may wish to acquire small and medium-sized enterprises, absorb the technology and experience of enterprises in both sides, implement standardized production, promote the formulation of industry standards, and promote the development of LED display industry.

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