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Company News >> Non-folding non-sliding LG or will launch rolling screen device 7th,August,2019
                                             The Korean Intellectual Property Office recently passed a trademark application for LG called "LG Rolling". In April of this year, LG also applied to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for a series of trademarks. It is reported that LG may launch rolling screen devices.

There is news speculation that LG Rolling will also be replaced by other names such as The Roll, Bi-Roll, Dual Roll, E Roll, Signature R, R Screen, R Canvas, Roll Canvas and Rotolo. In addition, the trademark is classified as Category 9, which covers displays, smartphones, LED displays, wearables, and more.

Previously, LG had launched a scrollable TV. This scrolling screen technology is only a matter of time on smartphones. But whether the scrolling screen can be accepted by the market is hard to predict, when LG will launch the device, and the official has not responded.

LG's second-quarter earnings report released recently showed that LG's net profit fell by 15% year-on-year, and the net loss of the smartphone business increased by $268.4 million. It is reported that the decline in LG's performance may be affected by the competitive pressure of Chinese manufacturers.

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