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Company News >> Financial crisis electricity charges can not be paid? The countertop factory is still looking forward to the factory to resume operations. 28th,August,2019
                                                According to the joint news network, one of Taiwan's top ten groups, the Datong Group's panel factory, CPT, is now facing a financial crisis. Recently, it has been reported that it has not paid the electricity fee and was dubbed by Taipower. Rumors. CPT said today that it is still an effort to revitalize the factory.

The director of CPT stated that the factory had been discontinued since the financial crisis broke out. However, during the emergency disposition of the court, the factory resumed small-scale production and gradually increased production. Even after the court agreed to reorganize, only 6 will be retained. The line was operated and the 4.5-generation factory was sold, but the court rejected the reorganization plan.

CPT said that after the application for reorganization was rejected, the factory was forced to suspend production and all plans were disrupted. Now that the electricity bill has not been paid normally, the Taiwan Power Company has dubbed the money and added new problems. However, at this stage, efforts will be made to coordinate with Taipower and creditors, and we hope that the factory will resume operation.

In addition, CPT explained that although it has filed a renewed protest with the court, it still has to submit an appeal to the court. Recently, it has assessed various possibilities and actively sought a possible solution to restore the factory to normal operation, except that it will make a favorable statement to the court. It is also planned to make the worst plans, and even analyze various situations such as shutting down factories or liquidation. However, at present, everything has not been finalized and it is impossible to explain more.

As for the media reports that CPT may shut down the factory and employees can't get the severance payment smoothly, CPT bluntly said that the company's finances are indeed under pressure, otherwise it is not necessary to apply for reorganization.

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