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Company News >> IHS Markit: Estimated revenue of AMOLED TV display market reached US$7.5 billion in 2025 14th,Oct,2019
                                           Driven by falling prices, coupled with consumer demand for thinner, lighter, and more colorful TVs, the market for active organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) displays for TV is expected to more than double in the next six years. This forecast comes from IHS Markit Technology, a market research organization that has recently joined Informa Tech.

By 2025, global AMOLED TV display revenue will increase to $7.5 billion, compared to $2.9 billion in 2019. The above data is from IHS Markit | Technology AMOLED & Flexible Display Information Service. Although AMOLED TVs began to be launched in 2013, their market share continues to grow rapidly. It is expected to account for 20.6% of the total revenue of the $36 billion TV display market in 2025, compared to 8.6% in 2019.

According to Jerry Kang, Director of Technology Analysis at IHS Markit | "Although the average selling price (ASP) of AMOLED TVs is much higher than that of LCD TVs, it is very attractive to consumers due to its dexterity, light weight and wide color gamut. It is expected to be 2020 ASPs that started AMOLED TVs will start to fall because of the adoption of more advanced production processes that drive manufacturing capabilities. This will pave the way for the wider use of AMOLED TVs."

The AMOLED TV's ASP is currently about four times that of a LCD TV. This data is based on a comparison of a 3840 x 2160 resolution 65-inch panel. Because of this, TV brands are eager to lower the price of AMOLEDs in order to make them more attractive to consumers.

One factor expected to lead to a sharp drop in prices is the use of mixed-cut (MMG) substrates in the 8th generation of display manufacturers. MMG is capable of cutting multiple display sizes on a single substrate, thereby increasing manufacturing efficiency, reducing product cost, and contributing to product line diversification.

LG Display recently added a new 8th generation MMG plant in Guangzhou, China. This is the company's second eight-generation factory after the establishment of a factory in Paju, South Korea in 2013. LG Show increased its investment in cutting-edge display devices through MMG to strengthen its leading position in the AMOLED TV display market.

Targeting LG to showcase advanced white OLED technology, other display suppliers are also competing. These companies offer alternative technologies that can soon be used to make AMOLED TV displays, including inkjet printing, RGB OLEDs, and quantum dot-color conversion OLEDs.

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