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Company News >> Heshuo suspected employee shortage LCD version of iPhone XR order was transferred to Zhengzhou Foxconn 20th,Nov,2019
                                               After Apple's new generation of new machines, the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xmax have been released for sale. Among them, the iPhone Xmax has more innovations in components, and the popularity has overshadowed the iPhone Xs, becoming the version that consumers are most willing to pay.

In addition, the outside world believes that the popularity of iPhone Xs is not as good as the iPhone Xmax. The reason is that consumers may still expect the LCD version of the iPhone XR to be released in a month, because this product is not only equipped with the iPhone, but also the most advanced and highest color accuracy. The LCD screen also provides a powerful configuration that is comparable to the iPhone Xmax, but the price is only about 70% of the former, and it feels more value.

Previously, the information uploaded from the industry chain also showed that Apple shipped more than 20 million iPhone XRs in the first month, which caused great pressure on supply chain manufacturers who had been unsuccessful in the trial production process. The iPhone XR is equipped with a full-screen LCD with a special-shaped cut. In order to ensure a similar user experience with the OLED, the brightness of the display also reaches a maximum brightness of 625 cd/m2 (standard).

According to Li Xing, during the trial production process, the biggest problem with the iPhone XR's LCD touch display module is the display brightness indicator. The new LCD touch display module uses the GF plug-in touch screen. The brightness is lower than the original in-cell touch integrated display module to a certain extent, so it does not reach Apple's previously predetermined indicators.

However, Apple said at the press conference that the iPhone XR screen uses advanced pixel shielding and sub-pixel anti-aliasing technology, and its innovative backlight design allows the display to extend to the corner of the machine. So it seems that the entire screen is covered with vivid colors. In addition, the 6.1-inch LCD display resolution is 1792 × 828 pixels, pixel density is 326ppi, 1400:1 contrast, touch response refresh rate also reaches 120Hz. Apple said the new display on the iPhone XR is the iPhone's most advanced LCD screen to date and the iPhone's largest LCD display to date.

At the same time, this LCD display also supports the original color display. The six-channel light sensor can finely adjust the white balance of the screen according to the color temperature of the ambient light, so that the image displayed on the screen looks as natural as the printed matter, and the eyes will also Feel more comfortable.

In addition, the iPhone XR does not provide 3D Touch pressure-sensitive touch function, which provides a "light-wake-up" function that illuminates the screen, and a long-press function derived from the compromise of "Haptic touch". Among them, under the tactile touch, when the main screen is pressed to immediately start the camera or flashlight, the finger can have a kind of mechanical touch feedback from the screen.

With the order of Apple's iPhone XR, supply chain manufacturers have raised their own performance forecasts. At the financial report briefing on August 8, 2018, the president of JDI, the Japanese panel maker, said: Full Active orders are very strong, and all factories are in full capacity! The so-called Full Active product is the LCD display that Apple used on the new 6.1-inch machine this year.

JDI believes that the revenue of July-September 2018 will increase due to the shipment of Full Active products, an increase of 40-50% from the previous month. Although the loss will be further narrowed, it will continue to lose money and truly turn losses into profit. In September 2018, a single month was turned into profit.

JDI said that with the increase in shipments of Full Active products, revenues for the second half of this year (October 2018-2019) are expected to increase significantly, and revenue estimates are expected to increase by 10% year-on-year. -20%, profit margin is estimated to be 2-3%.

In addition, Changxin Technology, which has reduced the LCD panel, has also released the announcement of the results of the first three quarters of 2018 on September 17, 2018. The content shows that the profit from January to September is expected to be 590 million yuan to 630 million yuan. Compared with the same period of last year, it increased by 29.88% to 38.63%. Among them, the third quarter profit of 230 million yuan to 270 million yuan, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 45.69% ~ 71.02%.

Changxin believes that from January to September this year, Changxin Technology fully grasped the market development trend and relied on strong and positive cooperation with international and domestic large customers to enable the company's business segment production capacity to be fully released. Some orders have been placed in 2018. At the end of the year, since the beginning of July this year, Changxin’s performance has accelerated and its business indicators have continued to improve.

However, compared with the good news that these manufacturers continue to send out, the supervisor of the iPhone XR assembly founder has recently reported bad news. Due to the lack of capacity of Heshuo, Apple has urgently transferred Foxconn to some of the iPhone XR assembly orders to the Zhengzhou Foxconn factory.

Previously, there was news in the market that Heshuo had the opportunity to win more than half of the iPhone XR assembly order quota. Foxconn has only allocated about 30% of the LCD version because of its main assembly of the OLED version. The remaining orders are arranged according to the situation. Responsible for Wistron.

Therefore, the information in the industry shows that when Heshuo assembled the iPhone XR, because many automation equipments could not be matched, more manual work was needed, so the production speed became slower, and the increase of manual operation appeared again. In the case of underemployment, after all, in the face of Apple's new machine orders, Heshuo once again encountered the problem of “employee shortage”.

Heshuo's factories in mainland China are relatively close to the economically active coastal and economic starter cities. Not only do the labor costs are 20% to 30% higher than Zhengzhou Foxconn, but the recruitment difficulty is much higher than that of Zhengzhou. Therefore, after the profitability of 2016 Heshuo began, Heshuo increased the construction of internal automation of the factory.

However, the import of automation also needs a process, and the LCD display module of iPhone XR itself is more complicated than the assembly of OLED version, and the production difficulty is also higher. Some automation equipment can be used in the new OELD version of the iPhone. On the other hand, there is nothing in the assembly and production of the LCD version. Many tooling fixtures and even the device structure itself have to be redesigned to be used.

In addition, the introduction of automation does not require employees at all, a large number of automated equipment starts production at the same time, and also requires a large number of professional maintenance personnel to ensure the stable operation of these automation equipment, and regular maintenance and maintenance. Compared with manual operators, these automated equipment that requires professional knowledge to maintain employees, not only cost a lot of labor, but also more difficult to recruit the right people from the market.

As the world's largest single-item product, Apple's mobile phone shipments will not only make Apple very nervous, but also make Apple's entire supply chain feel anxious. As Apple adjusted the order arrangement of iPhone XR, the stock price of listed companies related to Apple in the A-share market in mainland China fell across the board in the afternoon, and the response was very intense.

However, the Foxconn Zhengzhou factory took over the order. With its current production capacity, it should be able to complete Apple's order arrangement. Ultimately, the market performance of the iPhone XR should be determined by consumers.

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