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Company News >> The era of the Internet of Things is coming, the security of the LED display content is particularly important 10th,March,2020
                                               Under the implementation of the smart city policy, cities are undergoing urban smart construction in full swing. As one of the important media for urban construction, LED displays will also be connected to the Internet of Things to create smart interactive displays. But as far as this year is concerned, there have been a number of LED display content security incidents across the country, which have had a large or small impact, causing many companies to start paying attention to the content's information security issues. With the advent of the 5G era, the era of the Internet of Things is approaching, which will be a great challenge for the information transmission of LED displays. Therefore, the content display security of the display requires the industry to pay attention to discussions early and propose cutting-edge solutions to help LED displays move towards security as soon as possible.

The Internet of Things, a hidden opportunity, hidden challenges

As one of the important communication carriers, LED display screens can display in large sizes, connect to the network to broadcast information in real time, and convey the characteristics of the content in a wide range. It has won the favor of LED display operators. With the continuous research and development of science and technology, the birth of AI technology, and the formal commercialization of 5G, people are no longer satisfied with the function of LED display, and put forward the requirements for enabling intelligent interaction and synchronization, so LED display is moving towards the object. Networking is an inevitable result. Relying on 5G large-bandwidth, fast, low-latency technology, through the connection to the big data interface, users can not only remotely control multiple displays simultaneously and asynchronously, but also accurately locate the crowd and place accurate advertising information, which helps the advertising effect. Maximum and precision. The LED display must be connected to the Internet of Things, and the corresponding equipment and technology must be updated. In this way, it will drive the LED display industry to layout the Internet of Things display and bring another huge development opportunity to the display industry. At this time, if the company plans in advance and can afford the cost of time and seize the opportunity accurately, it will likely become the pioneer of the Internet of Things display.

In the past, the LED display industry kept pace with world standards, so it put R & D and production on the top spot, ignoring the content display security, resulting in a lack of early security awareness in the industry. For a relatively long period of time, companies generally do not set a password when they develop and produce cards, or they simply set a password that is easy to guess. It was originally designed to facilitate the operation of LED display operators, but it was given to people with ulterior motives. , Posting bad content has a greater impact. Different from the traditional Internet, the Internet of Things needs to connect a large number of interfaces, data, devices and applications. It faces the real world and can directly affect the real world. Therefore, the display screen that has been tortured by content security issues will face more problems after linking the Internet of Things. For severe challenges. Ideally, the security of content display can be improved at the beginning of the development of the Internet of Things. However, the reality is that the corresponding content display security guarantee system cannot be established until the framework of the LED industry chain of the Internet of Things is established. Networking is lagging, increasing the risk of bad information control. Even more so, the LED display industry should pay more attention to the issue of content security, strive to promote the industry's awareness of content security, and improve the content display security guarantee system for LED displays as soon as possible.

Taking the provisions of the state as an opportunity to support the trend of content information security development

As the Internet of Things is the country's top “strategy”, the country also holds related discussion summits to discuss the security mechanism of the Internet of Things in response to the issue of Internet of Things security. In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and other ten departments recently jointly issued the "Notice on Printing and Distributing Guiding Opinions on Strengthening Industrial Internet Security" (Guiding Opinions), saying that at the end of 2020, The industrial Internet security guarantee system has been initially established. Among them, the implementation of the regulations on corporate responsibility in accordance with the law clearly stated that the establishment and improvement of risk assessment, safety audit and other systems before and after key equipment and system platform networking, the establishment of safety incident reporting and accountability mechanisms, safety production accidents caused by cyber safety incidents, in accordance with Dispose of relevant laws and regulations on production safety. The promulgation of the guidance indicates the country's determination to strengthen the industrial Internet information security, including LED displays, and strengthen the role of Internet information security in monitoring.

Most LED display screens need to be received and sent through the Internet. The guidelines will incorporate the display security of the display screen into legal provisions, clarify the person responsible for security and its related responsibilities, and operate the display and production companies. And the R & D companies that receive and issue cards play a role of urging, forcibly increasing the safety awareness of industry personnel, and effectively promoting the display industry to quickly move towards a secure content display path. Although the guidance is not directed at LED displays, with the development of megatrends, specifications for the display security of LED display content will also be promulgated, but it is only time sooner or later. Therefore, from the legal provisions, the LED display industry should also pay attention to content display security issues.

Multi-pronged approach to promote the formation of a content display security assurance system

Although even today, the content of the display shows that security has not yet formed a stream of consciousness in the industry, there are always companies in the industry who are keenly aware of this potential trend and began to develop and develop multiple defensive display control systems a few years ago. , The establishment of a corresponding supervision team, and the national level is to establish relevant supervision mechanisms and other aspects to spur the display screen content to show safe progress. However, the formation of the content display security system requires the attention and discussion of the entire industry, and the implementation of actions can only promote the continuous development and improvement of the content display security system, and the control system can cooperate with the rapid development of the LED display industry.

First of all, in terms of control systems, enterprises also need to strengthen the security of the display screen. Multiple security keys are set from the sender to the receiver. Users must change the password before using the display. The cloud platform can monitor the operation status of the display and find that the display operation is abnormal. Immediately black screen the alarm and send an email to inform the reason. . At present, many enterprises develop control systems for defense in different ways. Enterprises can combine different defense methods to develop control systems with higher security.

Secondly, in terms of the management team, a dedicated security guidance group was established to help LED display operators improve the quality of the industry. The display of the display is controlled by the LED display operator, but as far as the LED display operator personnel are concerned, their professionalism, professional ethics, and safety awareness are weak, even if the display control system is very advanced , LED display operators may not necessarily use it, in the installation of display screens or after-sales maintenance, enterprises need to make a lot of excursions to increase the time cost of enterprises. On the other hand, since the operation of the control system with increased security is no longer concise and cannot be understood by some users, enterprises need to establish a security guidance group, conduct regular skills training for LED display operators, and The control system with safety performance is popularized, and the content display security is slowly infiltrated into the concept of the LED display operator, and finally gains the understanding and support of the operator. At the national level, the analysis has already been made and will not be mentioned.

Furthermore, according to the trends and risks of the Internet of Things, Huawei has already considered this issue at the beginning of research and development. Since the Internet of Things is built on 5G networks, 5G is considered and implemented from three aspects: standards, equipment, and deployment security. Optimized for authentication and encryption; the transmission of user data is changed from clear text to cipher text; and the data at the entire user level has strengthened the authentication mechanism for tamper resistance and attack prevention. Technology will continue to strengthen and evolve, so I believe that the future 5G network security will be more powerful and provide network guarantee for the secure display of the content of the display screen linked to the Internet of Things. From the state to the enterprise to the network level, various aspects of supervision have laid the foundation for the security system of the display of the content of the display screen, but the formation and maturity of the system requires the cooperation and efforts of the entire industry, as well as legal affairs and urban management.


The era of the Internet of Things is inevitable, and the connection of the LED display to the Internet of Things is the development trend of the industry. There are still many loopholes in the content display of the display, which has become a major criticism of the display. Since technology has caught up with the world level, the corresponding system and quality must also catch up with the world level. It cannot be "partial" and requires comprehensive development to truly achieve an acclaimed all-round high-quality Chinese enterprise and Chinese products.

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