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Company News >> Samsung will stop LCD display production and turn to quantum dot OLED 14th,April,2020
                                         According to foreign media reports, a spokesperson for Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, recently announced that Samsung Display will stop production of all LCD panels in South Korea and China by the end of the year. Due to weak demand, Samsung Display closed a domestic factory in South Korea last year.

Samsung Display said: "We will complete the LCD orders for all customers by the end of this year without any problems."

After suspending the production of traditional LCD display panels, Samsung will shift its focus to quantum dot OLED display panels. The report pointed out that one of the two LCD production lines in South Korea will be converted to produce displays and TVs with quantum dot-enhanced OLED panels. Samsung has not yet decided how to deal with the two LCD factories in China, and these two factories may be gradually closed.

Quantum dots are used in traditional hardware, such as LED-backlit LCD panels. When subjected to the energy impact of ordinary blue backlight, quantum dots can "tune" or create a very narrow spectrum, which makes them the first choice for display manufacturers. In addition, the structure of the quantum dot LCD panel is similar to the traditional LCD screen, except that a quantum tube or film is added next to or on the backlit LED.

Samsung has provided LCD screens for iPhone, iPad and Mac in the past, but as Apple and other smartphone brands turned to OLED, the demand for LCD screens has weakened.

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Skype: cassie_1191 2850818618