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Company News >> New breakthrough in domestic panel: TCL Huaxing successfully developed LCD full-screen single-point fingerprint 13th,July,2020
                                             With the continuous improvement of technology and production capacity, the domestic panel's right to speak in the industry is getting higher and higher, including but not limited to mobile phones, monitors, TVs and so on.

A few days ago, TCL Huaxing announced in the official public account that following the successful development of an under-screen fingerprint product suitable for LCD panels in 2019, it is expected to launch full-screen single-point in-screen fingerprint technology this year, and will launch full-screen multi-point in-screen fingerprint technology in 2021.

Officials said that the off-screen fingerprint recognition is a hidden fingerprint recognition design, which can be unlocked by pressing the finger directly on the designated area of ​​the screen, mainly based on the method of recognition after collecting fingerprint patterns optically.

Nowadays, the optical fingerprint technology applied under the screen of the OLED display is very mature. The unlocking experience is completely close to the level of the capacitive fingerprint, but the price is relatively high, and the LCD screen realizes the under-screen on the LCD screen due to its own characteristics such as the fact that it cannot transmit light. Fingerprint unlock seems almost impossible, but TCL Huaxing makes impossible impossible.

New breakthrough in domestic panel: TCL Huaxing successfully developed LCD full-screen single-point fingerprint

Specifically, in order to overcome the fingerprint technology under the LCD screen, TCL Huaxing spent two years. The R&D team successfully solved the development of BLU films, the improvement of TPM brightness, and the improvement of infrared sensor recognition accuracy through continuous reformation and attempts of the LCD backlight board. And other difficulties, developed an under-screen fingerprint solution suitable for LCD panels, LCD panels that can clearly see fingerprint images + under-screen fingerprints, and realized rapid identification of under-screen fingerprints, and applied for more than 30 patents for off-screen fingerprint patents Pieces.

At present, Wuhan Huaxing LCD under-screen fingerprint technology has reached mass production level.

In terms of unlocking efficiency, the fingerprint recognition rate FRR is less than 3%, which reaches the highest FRR standard in the industry. FRR can reach the level of OLED, and may even exceed OLED.

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