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Company News >> China's panel industry market analysis in 2021: LCD and OLED are the mainstream 13th,April,2021
                                            After the unremitting efforts of panel manufacturers, global panel production capacity has been continuously transferred to China. At the same time, China's panel production capacity has grown at an amazing rate. In recent years, it has continued to lead the global panel production capacity growth rate. At present, China has become the world's largest LCD production capacity country, of which BOE has become The world’s largest LCD manufacturer, and the acquisition of CEC Panda in 2020 will further consolidate its leading position.

Facing the unique LCD competitive advantages of domestic manufacturers, Samsung and LGD manufacturers have announced that they will withdraw from the LCD market, but the outbreak of the epidemic has caused a mismatch between panel supply and demand. To ensure the normal supply of their own terminal product panels, both Samsung and LCD announced delays to shut down. LCD production line.

The panel is the leader of the optoelectronics industry, LCD and OLED are the mainstream products

The panel industry mainly refers to the touch display panel industry for electronic devices such as TVs, desktop computers, notebooks, and mobile phones. The current era is already the era of information. The role of information display technology in people's social activities and daily life is increasing. 80% of human information is obtained from vision. The interaction between various information system terminal devices and people requires information. Display to achieve. The panel industry has become the leader of the optoelectronic industry, second only to the microelectronics industry in the information industry, and has become one of the most important industries.

From the perspective of the industrial chain, the panel industry can be divided into upstream basic materials, midstream panel manufacturing and downstream terminal products. Among them, the upstream basic materials include: glass substrates, color films, polarizers, liquid crystals, targets, etc.; midstream panel manufacturing includes: Array, Cell, and Module; downstream end products include: Televisions, computers, mobile phones and other consumer electronics.

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