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Company News >> The best form of full screen terminal! The new camera under the Xiaomi screen is exposed 29th,June,2021
                                       On June 18, the blogger@digital chat station revealed that Xiaomi currently has three new under-screen cameras being tested, one will be released next year, one will be released in Q3 this year, and one will be tentatively scheduled for Q4.

As early as last year, Xiaomi demonstrated its third-generation under-screen camera technology, and the official said that the technology has reached the commercial standard for mass production.

Compared with the previous two-generation solutions, the third-generation under-screen camera greatly improves the display effect of the camera area through the self-developed pixel arrangement, and at the same time, through the optimization of the camera algorithm, it brings the same self-portrait performance as the conventional front camera. , Really let the under-screen camera enter the practical and mass-produced stage.

According to the official introduction, Xiaomi’s third-generation off-screen camera technology uses a new self-developed pixel arrangement, allowing the screen to pass light through the sub-pixel gap area, so that each unit pixel still retains a complete RGB sub-pixel (Sub-Pixel) display , Without sacrificing pixel density.

Now Xiaomi is finally going to launch a new terminal product that uses under-screen camera technology. This will be the best form of the full-screen era. The new product may be the flagship of the MIX series, which is worth looking forward to.

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Skype: cassie_1191 2850818618