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Company News >> Mini LED accelerates penetration, BOE and TCL Technology compete for mass production 28th,July,2021
                                                Recently, the Mini LED industry has once again attracted attention, and its applications in various fields have continued to expand. Its advantages as the next-generation display technology seem to be recognized by the market.

So, what is Mini LED? In fact, the current Mini LED technology in the consumer field refers to the backlight source for LCD panels, which should be called Mini LED backlight technology.

Mini LED is a sub-millimeter light-emitting diode, which refers to LEDs with a chip size between 50-200μm. Compared with Micro LED's 1-10μm, it is still too large. This means that the current Mini LED self-luminous display technology cannot be directly used in TVs and flat panels. In the terminal, it is necessary to use the backlight mode as the backlight behind the LCD panel. Therefore, Mini LED is not a true next-generation display technology, but an improvement of the existing LCD display backlight technology.

What are the advantages of Mini LED? It is said that using Mini LED as the backlight can achieve a wider color gamut, more saturated colors, and a 3-5 times increase in peak brightness of the LCD panel.

The medium and small size OLED evaporation technology has matured, and the large size is only LG struggling, but it cannot satisfactorily solve the problem of low yield. Technologies such as QLED and QD-OLED cannot be commercialized either. Other panel manufacturers have shown their magic, which can improve part of the display performance, and the Mini LED technology, which is lower in cost than OLED and does not affect the cooperation mode of existing LED manufacturers and panel manufacturers, is chased by more industries and capital, which is reasonable.

Mini LED becomes a "rookie" in the high-end market

After the iteration of different technologies of CRT, plasma, LCD, and OLED, Mini LED has gradually stepped onto the stage. With the characteristics of high contrast, high brightness, high dynamic range, and long service life, Mini LED has become one of the most sought-after technologies in the display industry. Mini LED backlight chips + LCD display panels are also expected to become the potential for future consumer electronics products such as TVs and tablets. The preferred display technology.

More and more terminal manufacturers are launching Mini LED products, and their development is showing a good trend, and the volume is about to increase.

Recently, it is reported that Huawei is about to release three smart screens, namely Smart Screen S55Pro, Smart Screen X75, and Smart Screen V98. The above-mentioned smart screens use Mini LEDs and are expected to be unveiled at the press conference on July 29.

Earlier, the industry reported that Apple would launch Macs and iPads with Mini LED panels within this year, which means that Mini LED panels will accelerate commercialization.

Since the beginning of this year, with the upgrading of upstream packaging technology and the diversification of the supply chain, the cost of Mini LED technology has continued to decline, which is accelerating the gradual penetration of Mini LED technology from high-end large screens to mid-end products, flat panels and gaming screens.

Whether it is technology or market, Mini LED has broad prospects. According to Guosheng Securities' calculations, the area flexibility of medium and long-term Mini LED backlights for LCDs in the global medium and large size LCDs is about 17% to 22%. Considering that Mini LED backlights will also be widely used in other fields such as NB and MNT, the area flexibility is expected to increase. . Public information shows that the Mini LED market will grow at a rate of 86% during the forecast period from 2020 to 2027. By 2024, the global Mini LED market is expected to reach US$2.32 billion, and the domestic market has more room for development.

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