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Samsung folding mobile phone failure shows that the technology is not mature enough... More>>
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Expansion of BOE, Hehui Optoelectronics and other accelerated OLED panel process... More>>
China overcomes the key technology of liquid crystal display (LCD) key materials... More>>
BOE has qualified for the supply of flexible OLED screens for the iPhone... More>>
LG Electronics will launch reel OLED TV in the second half of the year... More>>
Samsung OLED small and medium panel share exceeds JDI+LGD... More>>
2016-2020 China AMOLED panel capacity expansion forecast... More>>
South Korea's LCD equipment industry is blowing cold winds... More>>
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Mini LEDs as LCD backlights show a variety of performance... More>>
Screen technology is emerging, OLED will become the mainstream PC screen in the future... More>>
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JDI wants to build OLED panel factory in Zhejiang... More>>
BOE's flexible OLED panel is about to enter the Apple "collection"... More>>
Huarui Optoelectronics 5th Generation TFT-LCD Panel Line Starts Construction in Zhengzhou... More>>
LG's OLED production line in Guangzhou will be put into production, and the opportunities and challenges of OLED TV... More>>
OLED application becomes a new focus Cross-strait panel factory is ready to go... More>>
Dell Alienware 13 Review: The perfect OLED display!... More>>
OLED has a promising future but it will take time for LCD to counterattack?... More>>
Looking at 560 million pieces of Samsung mobile phone AMOLED panel shipments in 2019... More>>
Sumitomo Chemical plans to build a touch sensor factory for OLED panels in Chengdu... More>>
Samsung is preparing to eliminate flat panel LCD screens... More>>
Guoxian Optoelectronics 5.5 generation AMOLED production line will operate next year... More>>
Domestic fully flexible OLED display officially put into operation next year... More>>
Samsung reduces LCD panel production capacity, focusing on high-end panels and advanced panel technology... More>>
Samsung offers 7-inch OLED display for Audi's first pure electric car... More>>
1.25 billion! Another LCD module listed company was appointed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission... More>>
Samsung AMOLED panel will cut prices by 20% next year... More>>
Chinese, Japanese and Korean panel makers invest heavily in OLED who benefits the most?... More>>
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Small screen 8K resolution and curved screen are coming, its role is not big... More>>
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Smartphone market OLED display momentum is growing... More>>
Coexisting development of LCD and OLED display technologies... More>>
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