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Against BOE, Samsung or overweight 10.5 generation QD-OLED production line... More>>
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Financial crisis electricity charges can not be paid? The countertop factory is still looking forward to the factory to resume operations.... More>>
Huawei helps BOE Samsung's AMOLED panel share fell below 90%... More>>
Samsung cuts LCD production and shifts its focus to QD-OLED displays... More>>
Xin Sanli Automation won the bid for Wuhan Huaxing Optoelectronics 6th generation TFT-LCD and AMOLED new display production line project... More>>
The fingerprint development of BOE LCD screen was successful. Mass production at the end of 2019 Who will start Xiaomi Huawei?... More>>
Non-folding non-sliding LG or will launch rolling screen device... More>>
Global display panel market summary in the first half of 2019: BOE shipments number one LGD shipment area first... More>>
Technology to reduce the energy consumption of OLED displays will be available... More>>
Huawei helps BOE Samsung's AMOLED panel share fell below 90%... More>>
“Waste Standardization” swept through Shanghai LED display industry standardization when it was implemented?... More>>
LGD Li Tinghan: OLEDs provide new value to China's color TV industry in crisis... More>>
Is Foxconn reborn in the US LCD factory? Local government or deprivation of tax reduction subsidies... More>>
The world's first multi-screen TV release: Hisense and BOE to create a liquid crystal display milestone... More>>
In order to cut costs: LG mobile phone set out to take the BOE OLED screen... More>>
Global OLED shipments will exceed 100 million in the second quarter... More>>
Lingju Technology will increase production capacity of automotive and industrial control panels... More>>
Innolux: Three strategies to deal with trade wars and merger with AUO are conducive to competition... More>>
Samsung OLED JDI or push flexible LCD panel... More>>
Under-screen fingerprint recognition mobile phone hot and hard OLED panel supply and demand tension... More>>
Samsung is preparing to eliminate flat panel LCD screens... More>>
75-inch TV to be popular? Large LCD panel prices plummeted... More>>
Due to the sluggish demand of Apple, JDI or suspended some factories in Japan... More>>
Huike Mianyang 8.6-generation TFT-LCD project base has seen a prototype. BOE and Huike form a two-wheel drive... More>>
In 2019, can OLED "save the market" in China's TV industry?... More>>
Strategic Analysis of Guoxing Optoelectronics and Huacan Optoelectronics in the Field of LED Display... More>>
AMOLED panel technology: Hehui Optoelectronics breaks the monopoly of Japan and South Korea... More>>
ZTE AXON 10 Pro screen analysis: has the narrowest flexible AMOLED... More>>
Folding screen mobile phone speeding BenQ display flexible OLED panel technology... More>>
AUO launches full-screen LCD screen to support optical fingerprint recognition... More>>
Apple's new patent is exposed, or will create QLED-OLED display... More>>
Mini LED backlight jump display market, battle OLED technology... More>>
Korean media worried that large-size LCD lost its advantage: Chinese enterprises developed faster than expected... More>>
Sumitomo Chemical plans to invest $165 million to expand 40% of OLED touch panels... More>>
BOE/Huaxing Optoelectronics/CLP Panda/Rainbow Optoelectronics have been put into production successively. The large-size panel market will change.... More>>
The market share of OLED panels under the screen of the mobile phone market remains high.... More>>
The size of the OLED screen must be eaten by Samsung? I don't know if LGD will panic.... More>>
The size of the OLED screen must be eaten by Samsung? I don't know if LGD will panic.... More>>
OLED panel business opportunities are optimistic, Taiwan-based driver IC can only watch lively... More>>
Chinese manufacturers are enthusiastic and vigorously develop AMOLED and drilling panels... More>>
Huaxian Opto electronics orders boosted 2018 annual revenue by 52.42% to 5.281 billion yuan... More>>
Collapsible mobile display market Global technology companies compete on the same stage... More>>
Zhongying Electronics AMOLED driver chip this year or mass production... More>>
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